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Our principal sponsors are Patta, Nike, ABN-AMRO, and B&A. If you also want to be part of our sponsoring team there are a few different ways in which you can help our community be successful (either by donating funds or in-kind support):

1) Directly sponsor one of our students for the whole year of the academy;

2) Help us with locations (for workshops and classes) and operations;

3) Hosting and/or supporting  workshops;

4) Providing support to or for our coaches and/or being one yourself.


In return, what we offer to our sponsors is the possibility to scout talents from our program, engage with our community of creatives, be a part of that community, and build a social networking link with these highly skilled professionals who will give back to the next generations to come. Moreover, we would like to offer space for co-creating businesses and be involved in our press messaging, sneakers app, podcasts, and social media communications.

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