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About us

Patta Academy is a talent school that stimulates young entrepreneurship, by recruiting talented individuals and helps them realize their dreams.

From our Principal Founders

Founding fathers Edson Sabajo and Guillaume Schmidt from Patta know better than anyone how hard it is to chase your dreams without a network, examples in your community, and/or strong role models. But as Guillame also puts it; “If you follow your passion and know who you are, you will go far.”

The Academy wants to give back to the community, by helping talented individuals (with an entrepreneurial spirit) get started. We are intentionally investing in these potential future leaders, because we believe that the young generation can keep pushing our communities forward by connecting and creating together.

Mission statement

Patta Academy wants to build a  supportive community for and with  creative entrepreneurial souls, that will give these highly motivated individuals an empowered perspective in life, , so that they have faith in themselves, develop the competences needed to be able to explore their own talents to create something from nothing



At Patta Academy, our vision is to create a transformative ecosystem that empowers creative entrepreneurial souls to shape their own destinies. We aspire to be a beacon of inspiration and a catalyst for personal growth, equipping highly motivated individuals with the confidence, skills, and resources they need to unleash their potential and turn their ideas into reality.


We envision a future where every individual believes in their own abilities and possesses the resilience to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. By fostering a supportive community, we aim to instill a sense of belonging and provide a nurturing environment where individuals can explore their talents, take risks, and create something remarkable from nothing.

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