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This year we want to give 25 young talented people, in two cities, the chance to join our community ae will coach these individual  a whole year, to help them realise their dreams.

Open House Information

The focus during our process is to train highly talented and motivated young people to realise their dreams. During the entire process we will train their athlete mindset, entrepreneurial skills & tools, and help them build a supportive network. But above all we want to give them an empowered perspective on how to make their dreams come true.


We have created an intensive program to train, guide and coach our participants in which we have specialist in the fields of self- development, finance & legal, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Moreover we provide them with the opportunity to learn from eachother and give eachother feedback. By giving them access to this network we do not only want to simply share knowledge and skills, but we want to multiply their love for entrepreneurship and become the best versions of themselves. Or as one of our founding fathers puts it better;


“We want them to become more succesful than us, go further and be better.” (Edson Sabajo)

For prospective
students & their parents

With the Patta Academy we aim to bridge the socio-economic gap in our community, by making knowledge more accessible and creating an inclusive and safe space for personal exploration and expression so individuals can feed their confidence, build community, and cultivate a lifelong passion for entrepreneurship. So we welcome the input and support from  family members!


We think it is important for parents, siblings and/or guardians to see the value of their children continuing their involvement in the program, so during the entire process we will keep everyone up to date about the content of the program, the process of the participants and their personal growth, and we invite all those that are interested in engaging  in extracurricular activities.



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